Recordings of Cusco Quechua for Acoustic Analysis

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Parker, Steve
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SIL Language and Culture Documentation and Description 23
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In this paper I present metadata (instructions) for using a set of audio recordings of Cusco Quechua, a language spoken in Peru. A Spanish version of this paper is also available on this same site. The details described here include when, where, how, and why the recordings were made; a list of the lexical items that were elicited, along with their glosses; and an explanation of how the accompanying WAV files are named and organized. These files represent the speech of three adult male native speakers, and include an orthographic transcription tier for use with Praat. The target words were carefully selected to exemplify all consonant and vowel phonemes, plus a few salient allophones. They were elicited in a consistent sentential frame, and were pronounced five times each by every speaker. Consequently, they can serve as a corpus of acoustic data for anyone interested in doing an instrumental analysis of the phonetic characteristics of Cusco Quechua. For this reason, the paper includes only a minimal amount of actual phonological description.

The audio files are available in two formats: 1) as a bulk zip file at the bottom of this record or 2) as interactive streaming wordlists that can be individually downloaded

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