SIL Peru

CILTA (Curso Internacional de Lingüistica, Traducción y Alfabetización)

Ricardo Palma University

Lima, Peru

SIL International and Ricardo Palma University of Lima sponsor a linguistics diploma program in Spanish, available in Latin America. The program is aimed at those who desire training to work in the areas of descriptive linguistics, translation and literacy.

CILTA teachers are an international group of individuals chosen for their specializations and field experience. This program focuses on intensive and extensive training in linguistic research, particularly in minority or lesser known languages​​. It also provides preparation for contributing to the development of literacy in these languages.

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Academic Information

The Diploma is taught in Spanish.

Pre-requisites: Those interested in applying to CILTA must first take the Basic Course in Linguistics and Anthropology, which includes Articulatory Phonetics and Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics. Other subjects are highly recommended before applying to CILTA. Students who plan to work with SIL International have the option of studying Second Language Acquisition, Social and Cultural Anthropology, and Cultural Empathy before or after CILTA.

Classes are held on the premises of the Ricardo Palma University with online activities through virtual classroom for some subjects. In the second semester, students will choose one of the following specialties:

a) Specialization in Linguistics and Translation
b) Specialization in Language and Literacy. 

This program offers core courses that prepare students to serve with SIL in various roles for language development, such as translation, literacy, language and linguistic consulting. 


  • Certificate in Linguistics, Translation and Literacy
  • Diploma in Linguistics, Translation and Literacy