SIL Peru


Since 1946, SIL in Peru (also known as the Instituto Lingüístico de Verano) has published more than 3,000 publications. In addition, SIL has a large body of unpublished works about the languages of Peru. Most of the publications can be found at the National Library, the library of Ricardo Palma University (URP) and the National Intercultural University of the Amazon (UNIA) in Yarinacocha. Many works in or about the languages are available for download here. The following list summarizes the types of categories of publications.

1. Ethnolinguistic Studies:  

  • Phonetics, phonology, orthography
  • Grammatical features
  • Discourse analysis
  • Dictionaries, vocabularies and word lists
  • Grammars

2. Anthropological Studies:

  • Folklore
  • Music and art
  • Kinship systems
  • Ethnographies

3. Vernacular Materials:

  • Books to teach reading and writing
  • Literary and cultural collections
  • Folktales 
  • Historical descriptions of the people groups and their culture
  • Manuals about health and hygiene
  • Books about community and social life
  • Books about moral education and religion

4. Translations:

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The New Testament
  • The Old Testament or selected portions